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How it works

Pick a surface to test

You can use Fluoro-Spec to find lead virtually anywhere


  • If you live in a home that was built before 1978 there may be lead paint inside your home, Areas to test first are Friction Surfaces.  Windows, Railings, Doorways, Doors & Floors are great places to start.

  • If you have any dishes that you eat off of and have designs or markings on them you may eat more lead than necessary. Lead that is in your dishes can get into your food or drinks that come in contact with the surface. -Hot acidic liquids are the worst-

  • If you have a lead hazard you would have dust. There's no getting around it, Dust gets into our bodies easily. Start with areas near Friction Surfaces. Your Vacuum cleaner or dust pan/ broom are great places to look next.

  • Lead in your water comes from the pipes, if you have no lead in your plumbing you don't need to worry. Test your Water Service Line.

Shine the UV light on the area

The Secret to Lead Vision Starts with Ultra-Violet or Black Light. It's light that we can't see but still carries energy. It's kind of like X-rays but wayyyy less dangerous.

When UV light hits certain things, they may glow, known as Fluorescence.

Lead will NEVER glow until it's been sprayed.

So all you have to do to use this test correctly is shine the flashlight on the surface first,
What you see glowing is NOT LEAD...

Now let's get to the fun part

Get Fluoro-Spec Now

Know the Glow!

Seeing is safe, Spray or Drip your Fluoro-Spec on the surface to visualize where the lead is so you can make more informed decisions.

Its Lead Vision in a bottle

Once the liquid contacts the surface it (typically) flashes the lead to a fluorescent compound.

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