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Lead can be found in older homes that were built before 1978 in paint. In the image below shows common areas that lead can be found. Detect lead in these areas with our Fluoro-spec Instant Lead Test Kit.  

Spot Lead in these areas, Window, door, the moulding in your home. These are areas where lead can be found.

Lead was used in all homes before 1950 in the paint, and many built before 1978, about 60 million. 12.8 million water pipes that are, or may be, lead, spread across the entire country. Lead is also in soil and even appears in certain foods.

Lead can get into the environment from these things and from factories that used to make lead. Mining and refining also make lead levels go up, especially near those places.

When it's let out into the air by factories or planes, lead can go far before falling to the ground, usually sticking to soil. Depending on what type of lead it is and the soil, it might move from soil into water underground.

Laws have been made to lower the amount of lead in the air, water, soil, things we use, food, and workplaces.

Get familiar with your environment and test your home!

Knowing is protection

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