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Low-Level Lead Exposure and Mortality in U.S. Adults A Deep Dive

Here is the full study, let me know in the comments anything else your interested in understanding.

Deaths in America from lead are something that is not really reported- outside of the studies conducted on the topic there aren't often deep dives into why someone had a heart attack, and if you've been to a doctor lately you know that its not like they spend all day on your care.

Elevated blood pressure from lead exposure is a real thing, the cause is neurological and cannot be resolved by diet and exercise, although a little exercise does go a long way towards lowering blood pressure- in my experience.

Like i concluded in the video, there is definitely a bright spot in this study, if you have modern AVERAGE lead levels in your blood your not a risk for lead induced cardiac related death. Its relegated now a days to people who have a elevated and sustained blood lead level above about 2; who experience the increased risk of early death from heart attack.

A pretty downer topic i understand but the good news is your reading this today, so i implore you to reach for your best and spray some Fluoro-Spec on something you suspect could be giving you lead exposure.

I say help end lead poisoning but I'm really trying to get everyone to start with themselves, its like an airplane- put your own mask on first. We need to work together as a society and as a creator of goods i feel responsible to do my best to enable my production to benefit as many people as possible.

since i can, (through the magic of mass production) effect so many people there is a strong case to be made that as more people learn about their environment, and i am able to market to more people, to solve lead detection for as many paying Americans as possible- that i can trend into areas that would not likely think about testing at all. the most tests the more knowledge the more future generations who can think more clearly and the less people who die early.

thank you for reading, if you have already gotten a test thank you doubly for doing well for yourself , me and everyone else down the line. I wont stop until i get this test into the lives of as many people as who need it


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