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Drip Tip

Best when you know where to look. Test specific areas, components or items for 1 cent/ test. 

Best when you're looking for lead Dust, Paint, or you just want more GREEN GLOW

Spray Bottle 

You can use our non-toxic reference card to train your eye to what lead looks like,

but don't worry—there's no lead on the card.

If you want to see lead glow all you have to do is go to your car's battery terminal

I believe that my product has the ability to transform the way we think about lead poisoning prevention. 

- That's why I back it with a - 

100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee,

Each kit has enough liquid to test your entire house and all your belongings.

I KNOW you will be impressed with its ability to spot lead so you can save hundreds of dollars finding it yourself and spending money on protecting yourself. Not finding out where it is and if it is dangerous

Apply the liquid to surfaces you think might have lead, and shine the light on them to see the green color.

Fluoro-Spec is a brand-new, proven technology that anyone can use to Detect Lead.

Exposed lead turns fluorescent green, giving you the ability to detect contamination.

So you can make the best choices to protect yourself and your family.

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