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Lead Dust Testing With Fluoro-Spec

Watch Below and Read a brief overview of this concept below that

Dust is the penultimate form of lead before its lead hydrochloride in your stomach or diffusing directly into your blood in your lungs. - sounds harsh but thats how lead b~

Lead exposure remains a health concern, especially in homes built before 1978 that contain lead-based paint. Proactive detection of Lead dust contamination in residential areas is rare, dust wipe clearance is often preformed after an elevated BLL is detected, or after abatement is completed. Post renovation methods of detection in regards to RRP is limited to a cleaning verification wipe, which does not measure or test for lead dust.

Lead dust is a primary vector for lead exposure in humans. This contamination typically occurs through two mechanisms: passive generation from friction-bearing surfaces containing lead, and active generation during processes such as demolition, sanding, and renovation of lead-containing paints. Dust from either process significantly increases the risk of human exposure to lead, primarily via inhalation of aerosolized lead particles or ingestion of settled dust.

The Same Piece of dust transformed- whats strange is you can see in the video, it appears to grow over the course of about 10 seconds..

The following is a pilot study conducted to ascertain how FLUORO-SPEC lead testing spray can be used to identify individual lead dust particles.

FLUORO-SPEC is a revolutionary, cost-effective and accessible technology, the FLUORO-SPEC kit, which enables individuals to visualize and identify lead with the naked eye at levels above 500ppm in paint. Promotes proactive prevention of lead exposure.

I will now detail the FLUORO-SPEC kit’s capabilities and outlines how it empowers users to safeguard their environments affordably and effectively.

The risk of lead poisoning is prevalent in older residential properties. Current detection methods are insufficient for preventing exposure as they do not provide immediate, actionable insights at the point of contact. The FLUORO-SPEC kit from FluoroSpec Inc. changes this dynamic by allowing users to detect and visualize lead dust particles directly.

- The Need for Accessible Detection Solutions: Given the dangers of lead exposure, there is a critical need for accessible, easy-to-use detection solutions that enable individuals to take immediate action. This approach ensures that lead risks are managed effectively before they pose a health hazard. Especially In cases where individuals are moving into a new environment and have not yet begun to be exposed to the home. While the kit discloses lead on surfaces of dishes, pipes, cookware and other objects bearing exposed lead- this paper specifically focuses on dust. Since ingestion of paint is unlikely to occur if the paint remains intact, on the wall.

-the Technology: The active constituent best suited for ocular detection of lead remains Methylammonium Bromide (MABR), MABR is a precursor to methylammonium lead bromide, MABR dissolved in commercially available 99% isopropanol. This solution can be prepared for a very low cost and possess the ability to spontaneously react with various presentations of lead including most salts, carbonate, and metallic forms. Converting otherwise un-obvious lead to a semi-conducting, crystalline form capable of emitting a green colored light which is very obvious to the observer. Lead halide perovskite quantum dots are known to be both very small, and high a high quantum yield, meaning up to 80% of suitable UV light is turned into visible light.

Unlike traditional reagents which rely on color changing reactions which reflect white light as colored, the reaction between lead and methylammonioum bromide produces a product which is capable of reflecting otherwise invisible ultraviolet light in the visible spectra. This provides notable advantages, specifically that a suitable ultraviolet light source with a white light filter provides very little additional illumination of other constituents of paint while providing substantial energy for the formation of the characteristic green color, about 540 nm.

The limit of detection for unperturbed dust specs appears to be about 80ng. While we have made headway into more advanced techniques for magnifying the photoluminescence of minute quantities of dust. Consumer and use of the current product will adequately disclose low level lead contamination of standing dust, further innovations forthcoming are required to meet requirements for dust clearance, currently sitting at 10ug/square foot.

The basic spray test includes:

Spray Reagent: When applied, this reagent reacts with lead to fluoresce under a specific light wavelength.

Calibrated Light Source: This flashlight emits light at 365nm, which

By placing the power of lead detection directly into the hands of individuals, FLUORO-SPEC offers several advantages:

Immediate and Easy Detection: Users can quickly check their homes in response to an awareness they may be at risk.

Cost-Effective Solution: At approximately $50 per kit, with around 170 full sprays or up to 510 partial sprays, the product is affordable for widespread use.

Re usability: since the test kit is mostly reusable- spray bottle, flash light, non-reactive/non-toxic reference card. I am looking forward to demoing a plan to outfit a library with tests, allowing them to loan out the test kit so people can check their houses for free.

Empowering Homeowners and Renters: The FLUORO-SPEC kit is designed for ease of use, allowing homeowners and renters to easily identify and maintain a lead-safe environment. Simplicity and adequate instructions ensure that users can effectively apply the technology without prior technical knowledge.

All in all this was a successful few days of messing with dust- I am looking forward to getting this technology in front of people who will appreciate the detection that LEAD VISION (that's what I'm going to call it) provides along side EPA approved methods of lead sampling like XRF, Dust wipes and recognized test kits.

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