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What Are Glowing Lead Tests?

Glowing lead tests or glow lead tests are a new class of chemical lead detection technology, developed first in 2018, a mixture of Methylamine Hydrobromide, an acid and rubbing alcohol. Detects lead by converting the lead atoms into tiny crystals. How small are the crystals? Small, so small they are known in the solar industry as quantum dots. Some may be only 50 Atoms wide!

Glowing Lead Tests are made from quantum dots
Size Comparison Illustrating how tiny the glowing lead crystals are

Quantum Dots come in all colors since they can by made chemically from a variety of chemicals, they can be seen here reacting to UV light below.

Glowing Lead Test technology can be multi colored
A range of colors can be seen using different QD's

This lead testing kit relies on the same technology that was discovered by solar researchers from the Netherlands. However similar to the technology in the 3M Lead Check product the creators sought to patent which keeps prices high, the 3M product was sold for close to 20 years at a cost of 5$ a test!

This is why I got into the lead test making game about 5 Years ago with my swabs, which emulated the 3M technology at 10X lower cost.

Scitus Swabs, Available on amazon reliably detect lead in paint for a low cost but with the advent of this newer technology I knew I could do better.

This is why i created FLUORO-SPEC, based on the same research from 2018 (with a few improvements of my own) the glowing lead test was born.

The main difference between traditional lead testing kits and glowing lead testing kits is multi-faceted.


Glowing Lead Test Kits have more tests per kit, Ours has 3600-5000 in our drip tip bottle and 170-500 tests in the spray bottle.

Compare this with 3M Lead Checks and you can see the price difference. obviously no ones going to buy 15,000$ plus of lead test kits but with glowing lead testing kits you can obtain the same testing powers for a fraction of the cost.

Even the ultra low cost Scitus Swabs would be over 1500$ if you were to use 3000 of them.

Second... The chemical technology used in glowing lead tests is well beyond typical reagent tests. Since the test relies on first a conversion to a crystal mineral then is lit up by ultra violet light the test cannot pick up none lead substances, the crystal NEEDS lead to form so it will not detect false positives for metals like zinc or copper. making it appropriate for use on metal as well as paint and ceramics


the chemical reaction doesn't rely on dissolved lead.

This part is kind of technical but basically it converts the lead into the crystal dry, this means if the lead atoms are exposed- even if they are in a substance like ceramic that would prevent them from being dissolved.

when the 3M or Scitus are used they rely on the acid, either tartaric or acetic acid to dissolve the lead and that lead reacts with the sodium rhodizonate in the swabs to form a red colored compound.

The Methylamine Hydrobromide in the FLUORO-SPEC has a high enough affinity for lead that it will grab directly onto it and from these microscopic crystals immediately without the lead ever changing its position. What is astonishing is that researchers have been able to convert microscopic crystals of all shapes into lead using this chemical. Without destroying the crystals whatsoever.

I will write more on this later but I'm sure they would be upset if i used their photos lol

Thanks for reading and check out the rest of our site if you'd like to get a FLUORO-SPEC for yourself


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Mar 27

Just from my research in chem is this not utilizing Methanamine hydrobromide(Methylammonium Bromide) rather than Methylamine Hydrobromide as you mentioned?

eric ritter
Apr 05
Replying to

They are synonymous

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